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Alan S. Apte, Esq.

Over 30 Years of Service And Commitment To Our Community

About Alan

Alan is a former 18 year Circuit Judge and lifelong Floridian. He has dedicated over thirty years to serving our community inside and outside of the courtroom. He is a member of the Florida Bar since 1993. Alan is a member of the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) (Co-Chair Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee 2021-present), Osceola County Bar Association (OCBA), Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers (CFAWL), and Central Florida Family Law Inn (CFFLI). Alan received his Juris Doctorate law degree from the Nova University Shepard Broad Law Center (1993) and Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry with Minors in Computer Science and Fine Art from the University of Miami (1989).

Alan is a strong advocate for alternative dispute resolution – Your case, your decision. He believes that mediation affords the parties an opportunity to fashion a creative result, more flexibility than going to court, and individual input in the result than litigation would afford them. In mediation, the parties will save money as opposed to litigating, but more importantly the parties will divert their energies in a more positive process that is calculated to bring closure and healing to their lives.

Prior to being elected to the bench in 2002 Alan was a well respected prosecutor and civil litigator. As a practicing lawyer he first chaired more than 100 jury trials and more than 100 non-jury trials. On the bench he presided over more than 100 jury trials along with countless non-jury trials and evidentiary hearings. He served in every division – Family, Unified Family (UFC), Domestic Violence, Civil/Probate/Guardianship/Mental Health, and Criminal. He also had the privilege of serving as an Associate Judge at the Fifth District Court of Appeal (5th DCA).

Alan also held positions of leadership in the statewide Florida Conference of Circuit Judges – Chair-Elect, Secretary, and 5th DCA Representative. He is also a frequently requested speaker and instructor. Throughout his 27 years on and off the bench he has taught and mentored his fellow local and statewide Circuit and County Judges and lawyers on a variety of legal topics including ethics, criminal law, evidence code, family law, domestic violence law, and expert witnesses. Alan is presently on the prestigious Florida Bar Committees – Rules of Judicial Administration Committee and Criminal Procedure Rules Committee.

Outside of the legal profession Alan has dedicated himself to serving our community through various charitable and voluntary organizations. Throughout the years he has coached youth soccer, mentored our youth, mentored our young lawyers, and assisted our seniors through a variety of local non-profit organizations and activities. Alan is a huge sports fan who loves football, basketball, baseball, fishing, golf, and soccer. He keeps in shape by running and spinning.

Why Alan S Apte Esq.?


Having served our community for over 30 years, Alan brings a wealth of expertise to navigate even the most complex conflicts.


Renowned for his unwavering impartiality, Alan ensures that all parties involved in the dispute are treated fairly and without bias.


Effective communication lies at the core of Alan’s approach, fostering a conducive environment for open dialogue and resolution.